Plastic Surgery of Rick Springfield – How to Rate It?

Rick SpringfieldThere is no introduction needed for Rick Springfield because most of us know what he is and what his accomplishments are. He is not young and at the age of 65, he certainly needs to find ways and means by which he can hide his body ageing process to the outside world to the maximum extent possible. Of late, there are rumors that he has undergone many plastic surgeries and it would be interesting to evaluate the same, in terms of success and failures.

To begin with, Rick has undergone a full course of Botox injections to give a new look to the skin of his face. When one looks at the photographs now and then, there is certainly a big difference. However, there is diversity in opinions, as far as the success of these procedures is concerned. Going by the general opinion, there is a strong feeling that his botox regimen has not worked well. Many of his fans feel that he was much better off without the treatment.

The facelift that he has done also needs to be compared to how he looked in 1982 and how he looks now. Though age has certainly caught up with him during this intervening period, there are many who have given thumbs up to his facelift plastic surgery. It has helped him to remove the wrinkles and fine lines from his face, to a great extent.

Rupert Everett is another celebrity whose career has got a new shot in the arm because of his plastic surgeries. Amongst the various types of surgeries that he has gone through, the ones worth mentioning are face lift and cheek implants. Given the age that Rupert is now, his face skin is not sagging or they do not look lifeless. His face looks very smooth. His cheek also looks very fine and smooth and this is the result of a nicely performed cheek implant surgery. His decision to put his skin under the knife has certainly paid rich dividends.

As ordinary individuals, there is nothing wrong if we aspire to look good. However, it needs to be done carefully and after getting all the details. For every 10 successful plastic surgeries, there are 3 or 4 which have ended in failure. Hence, you should be aware of the risk of failures. Not only do you lose time and money but you could also run the risk of infections if the right procedure is not chosen. The surgeons who perform these procedures should also be experienced in this field and have a successful track record.