Low Fade VS Low Bald Fade – What’s The Difference?

Fade haircut typically makes your hair shorter resulting in the tapering off your hair. In general, men want a stylish haircut that will beat the heat. Men who are a bit choosy create a perfect match of hairstyle with their groomed beard. The choices of haircuts vary from one man to another according to the texture of hair, its thickness and so on.

Coming to the fade haircut, the barber cuts the hair at the back of the head and side of the head… Its length decreases going down the scalp. Beyond the numerous numbers of popular haircuts, there are various types of fades such as low fade, skin or bald fade, mid and temp fade. The fade look offers a perfect masculine clean look to men for daily lifestyle.

Low Fade

Low fade

Men’s fade haircuts are becoming extremely popular day by day amongst men. A low fade haircut is therefore actually a haircut that has a small length of hair on the sides of the head and in its back which is further tapered till you cannot see any hair left on the scalp.

The hair on the top if the head will remain unchanged. You might have your hair long as per your choice. People rarely mistook it with an executive contour haircut which extends down two sides and back of the head giving a low fade look.

Low Bald Fade

Low bald fade

People trying out with low bald fade must clearly know that there are certain differences between low fade and low bald fade. A bald fade which has the other name as skin fade creates a proper dimension for the hair. Low bald fade is best suited for guys with chubby cheeks because of the pointed facial hair and the effect of the fade that goes extremely well with round faced guy.

You may now feel that low fade and low bald fades are similar. But there are certain differences among these two.


– Low fade maintenance has a slight difference with low bald fade. Here the hair short to shorter as the fade tapers it down. So the hair must maintain its proper texture. Low fade haircuts can start from high, or low from the head.

– Low bald fade is much easier to maintain. Just beat up the heat with less hair and you can easily maintain a cool look in the hot scorching sun.


– Low fade gives you a look of neck taper haircut. Thus it quickly gives a blur to the layer of the skin near the neck. It is stylish in look and grows cleanly.

– Low bald fade haircuts give you a unique stylish clean look as well. But the hair can be long on the top and may have different textures for different hairstyles. Thus the look raises the hairline part to be visible easily giving you a clean finish.

Although there are few differences between low fade and low bald fade, since if you are still confused start experimenting with this two types of fade haircuts for your trendiest cool look.