K. Michelle Discusses Her New Album

Fresh from ‘My Twisted Mind’ tour, K. Michelle has just released another album that has got many fans enthused. Anybody Wanna Buy a New Heart is an innovative artwork that has put K. Michelle in the limelight from the time it was released sometime late last year till now. Within the first week of its release, more than 87,000 tickets were sold. By the second week, more than 120,000 copies of it had been sold. This might be less than her previous work on Rebellious Soul, but still it was impressive.

K. Michelle

During her tour, tickets for the shows were getting sold out even before the actual days. Better known by her stage name K. Michelle, she has had a huge impact on the music scene. Her career took shape when her deal with Jive Records was finalized in 2009.

During the time, she released her first single Fakin’ It. It obtained slight attention since Missy Elliot was incorporated into it. In 2010, she released three more albums namely; How Many Times?, I can’t Do This and Fallin’. They did well in the chart list, staying at top hundred on the US R&B/ Hip-Hop songs.

By the time she departed from Jive Records, one other hit that was slated to catapult her to even more fame was Pain Medicine which was supposed to feature Akon, Missy Elliot, R. Kelly and Gucci Mane. This was however scrapped when she left the recording company. This however did not stop her from having more performances.

Her life has not been without controversies though.

K. Michelle after butt implants
K. Michelle after butt implants

K. Michelle’s feud with Perez Hilton drew mixed reactions from fans. When the two got into an exchange over Iggy Azelea, there was Twitter beef. While they are not new to that sort of thing, a big percentage of fans thought somehow they needed to grow up. The war of words may have halted, but no one can certainly say for how long.

Michelle’s musical career began when she was just a child. Her professionalism with the piano and guitar pointed to a real musician. She took voice lessons from Bob Westbrook. The same person had also trained Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. From Florida A&M University, she earned a music scholarship. At the age of 18, she was crowned the Homecoming Court Freshman Attendant. When she got to singing, she was introduced to R. Kelly who became her mentor.

Born Kimberly Michelle Pate in 1982, the actor, pianist, guitarist and TV personality has not only concentrated on music alone. In 2012, she appeared in the reality show; VH1- Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, helping her garner more attention. This also helped her to win a deal with Atlantic Records through which she got a contract that saw her release her album Rebellious Soul. This turned out to be an instant success, staying at number two on the Billboard 200 and 1 on the Top R&B/ Hip-Hop Albums. The second studio album Anyone Wanna Buy a Heart was successful too, being at number six on the Billboard 200.