Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Before and After

With the immense success that Jennifer Lopez has enjoyed as a singer and actress, it was inevitable that at some point, she would turn to plastic surgery to keep herself looking youthful and glamorous. Indeed, even without the Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery procedures, she was a beautiful damsel who only needed talent to make it in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery

The ageless singer has maintained her singing tempo; continuing to actively pursue her musical career in spite of the fact that she has been alive for more 40 years!

J-Lo’s star-studded love life

Lopez’s status as a public figure has seen her love live become somewhat intriguing for the many years that she has been a celebrated musician and actress. From Ben Affleck to P Diddy, Jennifer Lopez has romantically been associated with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez hot

However, her relationship with singer Marc Anthony has probably been the most significant of these unions because she ended up marrying him after several years of friendship and having twin babies by him. Her marriages to Criss Judd and Cuban waiter Ojani Noa broke down, same as the one to March Anthony.

Jennifer Lopez’s Botox Injections

For a woman who is fast approaching the 50 years mark, J-Lo’s face is too smooth and cute to be true. While she did have a great skin even before venturing into the entertainment world, it certainly is obvious that the beauty has had a bit of Botox help to keep the wrinkles at bay.

Jennifer Lopez botox

As late as her performance during 2014’s FIFA world cup, it was obvious that Lopez’s glowing, flawless skin was still a huge force to reckon with in Hollywood.

Nevertheless, Jennifer Lopez has been quick to distance herself from the Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery rumours.

Jennifer Lopez’s Breast Augmentation

The singer’s killer figure is definitely a combination of both the sexy booty she has and the full boobs that she boasts of. For a woman whose boobs should be drooping, especially after birthing her twins in her forties, it is highly probable that Jennifer has had a number of breast augmentations to keep her breasts firm and rotund.

Jennifer Lopez boob job

It is clear from her before and after pictures that at some points, her breasts have been touched up.

Jennifer Lopez’s Rhinoplasty

One factor that stands out in J-Lo’s plastic surgery rumors is the fact that if at all they are true, then she must have had as minimal invasion as was possible. This is because people have really struggled to tell whether or not she has opted for procedures to be done or not.


Her rhinoplasty rumors claim that the singer might have had a nose job to make her nose slimmer and give it a prettier tip. Indeed, there is a marked beauty about her nose which seems to have been gotten under a prolific surgeon’s knife.

J-Lo’s Lip Fillers

Lopez’s beauty has been contributed to a great deal by her beautiful lips. Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery rumors have it that the Latina damsel must have had her lips filled to give them the luscious pout (like Kylie Jenner –…) that makes men drool.

Jennifer Lopez Lips

Normally, a woman’s lips lose their lusciousness as she approaches the menopausal age. Not so for Lopez whose lips still look as inviting as ever. The singer and actress is rumored to have had fillers which contributes to the fresh face she maintains in her age.

Cheek Implants

Jennifer’s cheeks appear fuller than many people can remember her to be when she was making her entrance into the entertainment industry. It is rumored that amongst the subtle procedures she has had done include cheek implants. Indeed, she has very pretty, well-rounded cheeks.

Regardless of whether Jennifer’s plastic surgery rumors are true or false, the truth is that she still looks amazing for her age. We can only wish her well as she nears the half-century mark. Hopefully, she will keep it all minimal if she ever feels the need for more procedures. Hopefully too, she will hook up a love interest and this time, it will be forever!

Personal Details:

Full Name: Jennifer Lynn Lopez
Net Worth: $300 million
Occupation: Singer, Actress, Author, Fashion designer, Dancer
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Divorced