Facial Hair Styles for Black Males

The face is what determines the overall look of a person, to men; especially black men the facial hairstyle makes them look cool, sharp and sexy. Besides, it scores them points of attracting the opposite sex, as the expression goes, “Girls just like guys with facial hair better.”

Hence, having the right facial hair is very important because it determines the level of sexiness and hotness in a man. The various facial hair styles for black males include:

1. Facial hair and beard growth complex

Also known as the beardilizer, this type of beard grows fast and looks thick. It feels really sexy when styled together with a protruding goatee beard. Do not let this style pass by you if you are while you are at your early ages.

Facial Hair Styles for Black Males

– You can rock the full beard with hair on the shorter around the jaw line, while the chin area has hair grown out much longer.
– You can also do a thin hairline from the chin around the upper lip. To achieve this look perfectly you need to trim the hairs around the neckline and edges.

2. Beard styles for short hair

You do not have to maintain a long hair-do to achieve a beard style; you should know that there are variety of styles for black males to suit face shape or even age. For short dreadlocks, you can achieve thick stubble together with a defined mustache separated in the middle. You can still maintain that some stubble on the neckline and around the Adam’s apple.

Beard styles for short hair

Having thick sideburns is also sexy; it runs down the cheeks making it the perfect facial hair style. This beard style can work out with any hair style, face shape, occasion and age.

To maintain this style, you need to do the following.

– Always trim a little of your thick stubble to maintain the size and shape as it grows out.
– Always use a bead trimmer at medium settings.
– Make it a routine to trim your hairs daily, unless you want that untidy look.
– During trimming pay attention to the defined edges to make your beard stand out.
– Use a shaver to shave the area around Adam’s apple and neck.

3. Facial hair styles for dreadlocks

Facial hair styles for dreadlocks

Yes, you have dreadlocks, so which is the best style is for you? To make those dreadlocks as attractive and sexy as you are, you can do the following:

– If you have long and tied back dreadlocks, you can opt for a full and thick beard and a moustache which will make you look neater.
– If you have medium length dreadlock with a clean cut side burn, definitely works. You can also have a moustache and a clean shaved neck, to make it look more professional.

To maintain this cut, you need to do the following:

– Always use a manual razor or a shaver to trim off the edges.
– Be precise during shaving, especially on the defined edges.
– Always pay close attention on the neckline area.
– Trim around the moustache are to remove excessive hair.

Have fun experimenting with these various facial hair styles for black males!!