Celebrity Weight Loss Stories That Would Intrigue You

There is no story as dramatic and as exciting as that involving a celebrity, everyone seems ever closer to their favorite celebrities these days, as they are constantly checking for updates on their well-being on one social media sites or other gossip websites.

Celebrities also provide comments and pictures of themselves on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, further fuelling the excitement and interest in their welfare.

When celebrities have issues and challenges that they are battling, it is not unusual to see them post pictures and comments on the social media on how they have been able to overcome their challenge, as well as giving their fans a peek into their current state of being. Here are two celebrity weight loss stories that might keep you glued to your computer system and mobile devices.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian weight loss before after

One of the most widely followed celebrity weight loss stories in recent times involves one of the Kardashian sisters, Khloe. She had initially sparked a frenzy of disparaging comments on several social media outlets from fans when she had posted a photo-shopped picture of herself, but then she posted yet another one in which she had lost 40 Ibs or 2 stone and she showed off her amazing figure and gorgeous abs.

It’s interesting to know that most of her body modifications came after she had broken up with Lamar Odom. She had begun to spend a tremendous amount of time in the gym and was rewarded for her efforts with a hot body.

Typical of the Kardashians, not a day went by without sharing her celebrity weight loss stories to her numerous adoring fans from all over the world, all waiting to see her fitness journey on the social media. She even offered health and fitness tips that included the consumption of homemade smoothies, kale chips and the avoidance of refined and fatty foods.

Sam Smith

Remember the guy with the beautiful voice for the Spectre movie theme song “Writing On The Wall”?

Sam Smith weight loss before and after

Sam Smith is one of the most pleasing celebrity weight loss stories out there, he had admitted that he always loved to consume junk food and had added excess weight as a result. Sam Smith decided to take control of his diet and eating habits, by eliminating dairy products from his diet and drastically cutting down on his carb consumption.

He had lost 3 stone as a result and now looks slimmer and fitter than he appeared just a couple of years earlier. Sam admitted that because he has to move about a lot in pursuit of his singing career, he had taken to eating junk food most times.

But now, he’s more picky though he is an avid lover of food, he said recently on a radio talk show that he loves chicken and cheese, but realizes that he cannot over indulge.