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Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Before and After

With the immense success that Jennifer Lopez has enjoyed as a singer and actress, it was inevitable that at some point, she would turn to plastic surgery to keep herself looking youthful and glamorous. Indeed, even without the Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery procedures, she was a beautiful damsel who only needed talent to make it in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery

The ageless singer has maintained her singing tempo; continuing to actively pursue her musical career in spite of the fact that she has been alive for more 40 years!

Celebrity Weight Loss Stories That Would Intrigue You

There is no story as dramatic and as exciting as that involving a celebrity, everyone seems ever closer to their favorite celebrities these days, as they are constantly checking for updates on their well-being on one social media sites or other gossip websites.

Celebrities also provide comments and pictures of themselves on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, further fuelling the excitement and interest in their welfare.

When celebrities have issues and challenges that they are battling, it is not unusual to see them post pictures and comments on the social media on how they have been able to overcome their challenge, as well as giving their fans a peek into their current state of being. Here are two celebrity weight loss stories that might keep you glued to your computer system and mobile devices.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian weight loss before after

One of the most widely followed celebrity weight loss stories in recent times involves one of the Kardashian sisters, Khloe.

Low Fade VS Low Bald Fade – What’s The Difference?

Fade haircut typically makes your hair shorter resulting in the tapering off your hair. In general, men want a stylish haircut that will beat the heat. Men who are a bit choosy create a perfect match of hairstyle with their groomed beard. The choices of haircuts vary from one man to another according to the texture of hair, its thickness and so on.

Coming to the fade haircut, the barber cuts the hair at the back of the head and side of the head… Its length decreases going down the scalp. Beyond the numerous numbers of popular haircuts, there are various types of fades such as low fade, skin or bald fade, mid and temp fade. The fade look offers a perfect masculine clean look to men for daily lifestyle.

Low Fade

Low fade

Facial Hair Styles for Black Males

The face is what determines the overall look of a person, to men; especially black men the facial hairstyle makes them look cool, sharp and sexy. Besides, it scores them points of attracting the opposite sex, as the expression goes, “Girls just like guys with facial hair better.”

Hence, having the right facial hair is very important because it determines the level of sexiness and hotness in a man. The various facial hair styles for black males include:

1. Facial hair and beard growth complex

Also known as the beardilizer, this type of beard grows fast and looks thick. It feels really sexy when styled together with a protruding goatee beard. Do not let this style pass by you if you are while you are at your early ages.

Facial Hair Styles for Black Males

– You can rock the full beard with hair on the shorter around the jaw line, while the chin area has hair grown out much longer.
– You can also do a thin hairline from the chin around the upper lip. To achieve this look perfectly you need to trim the hairs around the neckline and edges.

A Fresh Start – Michael Gross’ Photoblog

As hard as I’ve tried I just have not been able to make this blog work for me like I had originally envisioned. Could it be due to lack of time? Motivation? Inspiration? Or maybe I am just the perfect case of “she who can, does; she who cannot, teaches”. I know exactly what I need to do to create the blog I’ve been dreaming of running since i was about 12 years old (yes, I have REALLY been blogging that long) but somehow I just find my time busy with other things I love.

Worried blogger

I really do enjoy writing, it’s something that has always been an outlet for my emotions and inspired new creative ideas. I’ve always loved getting comments and feedback and I’ve made some great friends through blogging. I think part of my lack of interest has been partly due to what blogging has turned into. It’s no longer just a place to write and share ideas, they have turned into full blown media outlets with paying sponsors, professional photography and well thought out marketing plans.

Kyle Richards Plastic Surgery Before and After

What do you think of the recent Kyle Richards plastic surgery? The “Desperate Housewives” star recently confirmed that she had gotten some work done on her nose, adding to her roster of plastic surgery that includes a liposuction procedure seven years ago.

Kyle Richards

Motherhood was a major factor in her decision to have plastic surgery. “After having four kids, no matter what exercise I did, the love handles just wouldn’t go away,” she told Bravo TV. She wanted to look good in casual clothes she had owned before motherhood again. “I’m very happy with the results.”

Plastic Surgery of Rick Springfield – How to Rate It?

Rick SpringfieldThere is no introduction needed for Rick Springfield because most of us know what he is and what his accomplishments are. He is not young and at the age of 65, he certainly needs to find ways and means by which he can hide his body ageing process to the outside world to the maximum extent possible. Of late, there are rumors that he has undergone many plastic surgeries and it would be interesting to evaluate the same, in terms of success and failures.

To begin with, Rick has undergone a full course of Botox injections to give a new look to the skin of his face. When one looks at the photographs now and then, there is certainly a big difference. However, there is diversity in opinions, as far as the success of these procedures is concerned. Going by the general opinion, there is a strong feeling that his botox regimen has not worked well. Many of his fans feel that he was much better off without the treatment.

The facelift that he has done also needs to be compared to how he looked in 1982 and how he looks now. Though age has certainly caught up with him during this intervening period, there are many who have given thumbs up to his facelift plastic surgery. It has helped him to remove the wrinkles and fine lines from his face, to a great extent.

Rupert Everett is another celebrity whose career has got a new shot in the arm because of his plastic surgeries.

How to Get the Most Flattering Hairstyle

Many people are often very much concerned with their appearances. They will do virtually everything in a bid to look good. Hair is one of the things that are considered to enhance the appearance of an individual. Good looks are often associated to good looking hair. For an individual to have a good looking face, they need to have good looking hair.

funky hairstyle

You will often find both women and men staring at themselves in the mirror for a very long time. Every once in a while you will see a woman run her fingers over her hair, the other pulling hair back from her face the other doing that, the other doing this, all to their hair. There are salons and barber shops that helps you get some of the most flattering hairstyles.

Before actually deciding on the type of hairstyle you plan to don. You should first consider a number of factors. The hair color of an individual greatly affects the outcome of a particular hairstyle. The outcomes of the hairstyles for dark hair are always successful both with short hairstyles and long hairstyles.

K. Michelle Discusses Her New Album

Fresh from ‘My Twisted Mind’ tour, K. Michelle has just released another album that has got many fans enthused. Anybody Wanna Buy a New Heart is an innovative artwork that has put K. Michelle in the limelight from the time it was released sometime late last year till now. Within the first week of its release, more than 87,000 tickets were sold. By the second week, more than 120,000 copies of it had been sold. This might be less than her previous work on Rebellious Soul, but still it was impressive.

K. Michelle

During her tour, tickets for the shows were getting sold out even before the actual days. Better known by her stage name K. Michelle, she has had a huge impact on the music scene. Her career took shape when her deal with Jive Records was finalized in 2009.

During the time, she released her first single Fakin’ It. It obtained slight attention since Missy Elliot was incorporated into it. In 2010, she released three more albums namely; How Many Times?, I can’t Do This and Fallin’. They did well in the chart list, staying at top hundred on the US R&B/ Hip-Hop songs.

Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Weight Bench Features

A bench is a very crucial machine that will help you achieve different kinds of workouts for your fitness needs. The gold gym xrs 20 weight bench is especially ideal for those important weight lifting fitness routines.

For the bodybuilder that goes for more than just the regular, laid-back lifting of weights, a multi-purpose bench should be a top item in your purchase list. You should not choose just another simple bench because it may limit your ability. This particular weight bench can be a handy addition to your home’s gym machine loot.

With the Gold Gym xrs 20 Weight Bench, you get a bench that is easily detachable and one that allows you to try multiple positions for your fitness workouts. It is a highly versatile machine that can see you through numerous kinds of workouts and thereby, help you beat the boredom that crops up when following one routine.

Weight Bench

The bench supports your venture regardless of the kind of workout you are up for; whether yours is an Olympic sized barbell or the standard machine, you will find this to be a highly dependable bench. The bench can give you many arm and ab workout positions to try out since with it, you can turn your upright position into an ideal squat centre.