A Fresh Start – Michael Gross’ Photoblog

As hard as I’ve tried I just have not been able to make this blog work for me like I had originally envisioned. Could it be due to lack of time? Motivation? Inspiration? Or maybe I am just the perfect case of “she who can, does; she who cannot, teaches”. I know exactly what I need to do to create the blog I’ve been dreaming of running since i was about 12 years old (yes, I have REALLY been blogging that long) but somehow I just find my time busy with other things I love.

Worried blogger

I really do enjoy writing, it’s something that has always been an outlet for my emotions and inspired new creative ideas. I’ve always loved getting comments and feedback and I’ve made some great friends through blogging. I think part of my lack of interest has been partly due to what blogging has turned into. It’s no longer just a place to write and share ideas, they have turned into full blown media outlets with paying sponsors, professional photography and well thought out marketing plans.

With the new year I am once again going to commit to blogging, only this time I will not be holding myself to these standards. My blog will not be completely focused on one theme and I honestly don’t care if anyone wants to sponsor me or advertise here. The original intention of this space was for me to have a voice that can be heard by anyone willing to listen. I have some great ideas and strong personal opinions that many will likely not agree with, and that’s ok. I will make grammar mistakes occasionally and not everything I write will be of interest to my readers, some of it may be just for me. I will share some of the great things I find and some of my successes and failures in motherhood and being a homeowner.

I’m also a rarity around here and actually really enjoy being from the quaint little towns of the Berkshires and I will get back to blogging about some of my adventures here. I have always been big on traditions and I couldn’t be more excited to have a husband and a new baby girl to start some new ones with. I hope you will follow along with me and I hope that I can continue to write this openly and much more often in the year to come.